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Pest Information

Cutleaf Nightshade

Cutleaf Nightshade

  • Latin Name: Solanum Triflorum
  • Common Name: Cutleaf Nightshade
  • Other Names: Three-flowered nightshade

Pest Details

Cutleaf Nightshade
Cutleaf Nightshade


Native to the Midwestern United States, and now widely distributed in the western states.


An annual weed that propagates from seeds. It is a problem weed in crops as well as roadsides and waste areas. Seeds germinate in early spring and plants mature in mid to late summer. The foliage is highly aromatic, with an unpleasant odor.


Mature plants may grow to 2 feet tall, and may either lay prostrate over the ground or grow somewhat erect. It is extensively branched from the base, and stems and leaves either are densely covered with fine hairs or they are smooth. Leaves are alternate along the stems. They are on short stalks and are generally oval in shape, but are deeply lobed with around 7 lobes that are somewhat triangular. Flowers occur in clusters of from 1 to 6 flowers, on stalks about ½ inch long. Each flower is star-shaped with 5 petals, white to greenish and with long, yellow pollen-bearing anthers in the center.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

An annual summer weed, propagating from seeds.

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