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Pest Information

Leopold's Rush

Leopold's Rush

  • Latin Name: Juncus Acutus Leopoldii
  • Common Name: Leopold's Rush
  • Other Names: Spiny rush

Pest Details

Leopold's Rush
Leopold's Rush


Native to the western United States, where it is present in California, Nevada, and Arizona.


A perennial, clump-forming plant that may be used in ornamental settings. Particularly suited to moist, alkaline soils and saline areas along coastal floodplains. Reproduction is from seeds.


Mature plants are very tall and composed of a great many long, rigid stems, growing to around 4 feet in height in thick clumps. The narrow leaves all originate from the base of the plant and are similar in appearance to the stems. The dense cluster of flowers originates along the upper stem, and consists of many small, brown to reddish capsules.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Not normally present in situations where control is needed, but physical removal may be desirable. Plants can be killed with a systemic herbicide.

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