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Pest Information

Northern Bugleweed

Northern Bugleweed

  • Latin Name: Lycopus Uniflorus
  • Common Name: Northern Bugleweed
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Northern Bugleweed
Northern Bugleweed


Native to North America, and found throughout the upper two thirds of the United States, from California to Georgia, and throughout Canada north to Alaska.


A perennial that reproduces from seeds, and found primarily in very wet, shaded habitats or in open, wet sites in the northern parts of its range.


Mature plants grow erect to about 20 inches in height, with usually one central stem, but multiple stems possible, and with sparse hairs on the stems. Leaves are opposite and without stalks, elongate lance shaped and with deeply serrated margins. Leaves are up to 3 inches in length, green to light green and covered with short, soft hairs. The white flowers are very small and produced in clusters that surround the stem at the bases of the leaves. Up to 2 dozen of these small, tubular flowers may occur in a cluster.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Where this plant is a problem it may be controlled with a systemic herbicide. Physical removal of individual plants is effective, but heavy seed production may warrant the use of a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent new weed growth.

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