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Pest Information



  • Latin Name: Bellardia Trixago
  • Common Name: Bellardia
  • Other Names: Mediterranean lineseed

Pest Details



Native to the Mediterranean region, but found in northern California and in Texas.


A winter annual plant, possibly brought into the U.S. as a garden plant, but invasive and with the potential to displace native plants in soils where it grows. It is somewhat of a parasitic plant that takes nutrients from other plants as it grows, which may be in disturbed sites, fields, or grasslands. Reproduction is by seeds.


Attractive plants with showy stalks of pink and white flowers that are similar in appearance to snapdragons. Mature plants grow upright to about 2 feet in height, with a central stem and short branches off of it. Leaves are opposite, without stalks, and are linear or lanceolate to several inches in length. Leaves and stems are covered with short hairs. The flowers occur in dense clusters at the ends of the stems and branches.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal from landscape settings can be done prior to maturation of seeds. A contact or systemic herbicide will effectively kill the plants.

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