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Pest Information

Smooth Scouring-rush

Smooth Scouring-rush

  • Latin Name: Equisetum laevigatum
  • Common Name: Smooth Scouring-rush
  • Other Names: Braun horsetail, Braun’s scouring-rush horsetail, rush

Pest Details

Smooth Scouring-rush
Smooth Scouring-rush
Smooth Scouring-rush


A native of the United States, distributed widely in California.


A perennial that reproduces from spores as well as new growth from underground rhizomes. Growth begins in early spring and plants mature in late summer. Adapted to a variety of conditions, from moist swampy soils to dry roadsides and ditch banks. An extensive root system that may be very deep in the soil makes control difficult.


Mature plants may grow as tall as 4 feet, with straight or angled stems that may be ¾ inch thick. Typical of the rushes the stems are distinctly jointed and are hollow between the joints. The surface is very rough to the touch, have very few if any branches along the stem. Stems end with a spore-producing cone.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Extensive and deep underground root system, reproduction from spores.

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