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Pest Information



  • Latin Name: Murdannia Mudiflora
  • Common Name: Doveweed
  • Other Names: Naked stem dewflower

Pest Details



Native to tropical Asia, but introduced to the United States, where it is present from North Carolina to Florida and west to Texas, as well as in Hawaii and the West Indies.


A summer annual weed that reproduces from seeds, from sections of stems, and also spreading by rooting at the nodes of the creeping stems. A problem in turf as well as other moist habitats in wooded areas and disturbed sites.


Mature plants may spread over a diameter of a foot or more, but remain prostrate and low to the ground. Stems and leaves are fleshy and smooth. Leaves are alternate and narrowly lance-shaped, with short sheaths at their base. The tiny pink to violet flowers are in small, open clusters, flowering from summer well into the fall.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

In turf a selective broadleaf herbicide will be effective for post-emergent applications, and a pre-emergent herbicide will be effective in preventing seed germination. Physical removal would have to rely on complete removal of all stem sections, which may prove difficult in turf with this well-embedded plant.

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