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Pest Information

Crimson Fountaingrass

Crimson Fountaingrass

  • Latin Name: Pennisetum Setaceum
  • Common Name: Crimson Fountaingrass
  • Other Names: Fountaingrass, perennial foxtail

Pest Details

Crimson Fountaingrass
Crimson Fountaingrass


Native to Africa, but introduced as an ornamental grass to California. As an escape it grows rapidly along roadsides, but rarely causes problems in crops.


A perennial grass. Seeds germinate in mid-spring and the plants mature in mid-summer.


Mature plants have a central, tufted crown with many stems growing from it, up to a height of 5 feet. Flower heads form a spike-like panicle that is very bristly and may be 12 inches long. The color usually is violet, separating this grass from Feathertop, but occasionally the color tends to whitish. Flower heads are narrower than Feathertop, with individual flowers or flower clusters being only ΒΌ long, and crowded on the branch. Leaf blades may be up to 2 feet long, very narrow, and are rough to the touch. The upper surface of the leaf is hairless, but there are long hairs on the edge of the sheath, where it surrounds the stem at the base of the leaf.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A perennial grass.

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