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Pest Information

Bulbous Bluegrass

Bulbous Bluegrass

  • Latin Name: Poa Bulbosa
  • Common Name: Bulbous Bluegrass
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Bulbous Bluegrass
Bulbous Bluegrass


Introduced from Europe, and now found widely in the western United States.


A perennial grass that grows from basal bulbs, forming large flower spikes in the spring. This grass has become a problem in pastures, grain crops, roadsides and landscaped areas


Most distinctive are the large garlic-like bulbs underground at the base of mature plants. Each bulb gives rise to several long, thin stems that terminate in the flower clusters. Mature plants may be up to 2 feet tall. Seed heads also are quite distinctive, looking much like tiny bulbs arranged in separated clusters along the spike. They are teardrop shaped and have a purple base and a long, pointed awn. Flower spikes may be several inches long.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Winter germination of seeds or re-growth from the bulb. Highly tolerant of dry, compacted soils.

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