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Pest Information

Ivyleaf Speedwell

Ivyleaf Speedwell

  • Latin Name: Veronica Hederaefolia
  • Common Name: Ivyleaf Speedwell
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Ivyleaf Speedwell
Ivyleaf Speedwell
Ivyleaf Speedwell


Native to Europe, and now found along the eastern states of the U.S. from southern Canada into Georgia.


This is a winter annual that forms prostrate mats in grassy areas, open woods and disturbed sites. Propagation is from seeds.


Stems are prostrate, with numerous stems arising from the base of the plant. Stems are sparsely strewn with long, soft hairs, while the leaves are relatively hairless. Leaves are dark green and wider than they are long, with from 3 to 5 broad lobes and attached to the stem on a long stalk. Leaves are alternate at the outer ends of the stems. Flowers form from the axils of the leaves and are on short stalks. They are small and pale blue, with 4 petals. The seeds form as a four-lobed pod.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Plants have shallow, weak root systems, and hand removal is effective.

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