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Pest Information

Bracted Saltbush

Bracted Saltbush

  • Latin Name: Atriplex Seranana
  • Common Name: Bracted Saltbush
  • Other Names: Saltbush, bract scale

Pest Details

Bracted Saltbush
Bracted Saltbush
Bracted Saltbush


A native plant in California and Nevada, especially in saline soils.


An annual weed that has numerous branches growing either erect or prostrate to give the plant a very thick, bushy appearance. It becomes invasive in crops planted on recently developed sites, and also is a common weed along roadsides, where its large and spreading habit and rapid growth may create visibility problems for drivers.


Stems can grow to almost 4 feet in length and are heavily branched with a tangled look. It is thickly foliated with leaves that are alternate, oval or lance-shaped, and up to 3 inches long. The lower leaves may be toothed while upper leaves have smooth margins. The stems and leaves are covered with short, soft hairs, giving the plant a grayish caste. The flowers are either male flowers in long spikes at the tips of the branches, or female flowers in short spikes arising from the base of the leaves, and all flowers are small and non-showy. There can be a heavy production of seeds.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Pre-emergent control is effective with a properly labeled material, and post-emergent control can be attained with a systemic or contact herbicide. Mature plants may need to be physically removed where their presence is a hazard.

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