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Pest Information

Southern Fleabane

Southern Fleabane

  • Latin Name: Erigeron Quercifolius
  • Common Name: Southern Fleabane
  • Other Names: Oakleaf fleabane

Pest Details

Southern Fleabane
Southern Fleabane
Southern Fleabane


Native to the southeastern United States and the West Indies, and occurring from Virginia south to Florida and west to Louisiana and Arkansas.


A short-lived perennial that reproduces from seeds, and spreads by rhizomes. This is an extremely common weed along roadsides and in most disturbed habitats.


The stems and basal leaves are hairy, and the basal leaves are elongate and deeply lobed, distinguishing this species from Rough Fleabane. The leaves are broadest at the tip. Only a few leaves occur along the stems and they are clasping at their base. Small groupings of flower heads occur at the ends of the stems, and these have white to pink ray flowers and yellow disc flowers. The flowers open very wide and daisy-like to a flat surface.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal of single plants is effective. When found in turf most members of the sunflower family can be effectively controlled with a selective broadleaf herbicide. Prevention of seed germination can be accomplished with a pre-emergent herbicide.

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