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Pest Information

Redroot Flatsedge

Redroot Flatsedge

  • Latin Name: Cyperus Erythrorhizos
  • Common Name: Redroot Flatsedge
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Redroot Flatsedge
Redroot Flatsedge
Redroot Flatsedge
Redroot Flatsedge


A native sedge in North America, and found in all states and southern Canada.


An annual sedge that reproduces from seeds. A common sedge in very wet to semiaquatic habitats, such as rice fields or very wet agricultural lands, as well as ditch banks and wet waste areas.


Mature plants grow to over 3 feet in height, with numerous stems and flowering heads on each plant. Roots are reddish. Stems are distinctly triangular and stout, with an umbrella-like growth of leaves at the upper ends. From this the flower spikes grow as long stalks with many flower heads at the tip. Spikelets are slightly flattened and very elongate and pointed.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A contact or systemic herbicide will effectively kill this weed, but heavy seed production will require future control efforts as well. A product labeled for use in aquatic settings may be needed.

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