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Pest Information

Soft Brome

Soft Brome

  • Latin Name: Bromus Hordeaceus
  • Common Name: Soft Brome
  • Other Names: Soft chess, soft cheat

Pest Details

Soft Brome


Native of Eurasia, introduced from Europe, and widespread in the western United States. Winter growth serves as livestock forage in some areas.


A winter annual, sometimes acting as a biennial. Common at low elevations but not growing well in higher mountain environments. Seed germination is from the fall throughout the winter, and plants mature in early summer.


Mature plants grow to around 2 feet tall, with numerous stems. Leaves are densely hairy but soft, and very narrow. Their sheath around the stem is densely covered with downward pointing, soft, white hairs. The flower head is short compared with many other grasses, and are somewhat compact, with branched spikelets at intervals along the stem. The spikelets have long stems, and each has a cluster of several flower heads, each of which has around 8 to 10 flowers on it. Flowers have awns that are quite stout and up to 1/3 inch long.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Fall germination, winter growth.

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