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Pest Information

Clammy Groundcherry

Clammy Groundcherry

  • Latin Name: Physalis Heterophylla
  • Common Name: Clammy Groundcherry
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Clammy Groundcherry
Clammy Groundcherry


Native to North America, and found in almost every state except California, Oregon, and Nevada.


A perennial plant, or sometimes an annual, that reproduces from seeds. Virtually all parts of the plant, typical of the nightshades, are toxic. Plants may be found in many habitats, including waste areas and disturbed lots, roadsides, and open wooded areas.


Mature plants may be up to 3 feet tall, with numerous branching stems that may also recline toward the ground. Stems and leaves are very hairy. The ovate leaves are alternate, up to 4 inches long, and broadly toothed or lobed along the margins. The flowers are open and bell shaped, with greenish or brownish yellow petals and a large enclosed capsule of sepals at their base. The flowers tend to droop downward. The seed pod is a large papery capsule that encloses the seeds, beginning a green color and maturing to a light brown.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Hand removal is effective for individual plants.

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