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Pest Information

Clustered Spikerush

Clustered Spikerush

  • Latin Name: Eleocharis Geniculata
  • Common Name: Clustered Spikerush
  • Other Names: Canada spikerush, Canada spikesedge

Pest Details

Clustered Spikerush
Clustered Spikerush


Native to eastern North America. It is found in most southern states from California to Florida and north into New England, as well as in the Great Lakes states. It also is in Hawaii, the West Indies, and Mexico.


An annual plant that reproduces from seeds and rhizomes, it may be found in most moist habitats along roadside and empty fields, as well as landscape and turf. It is a low growing plant that produces hundreds of stems, to form a thick round mat over the soil.


Mature plants are very small, with the overall height remaining only a few inches. Stems and leaves are very thin, with each stem terminating in a single flower spike. This is tan to brown and forms at the very end of the stem.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Control of excessive moisture in turf will help to discourage the growth of most sedges, including the various Kyllinga species. For sedges that reproduce only from seeds control with pre-emergent herbicides can be effective. Post-emergence control in turf will require a selective herbicide which targets the sedges specifically. In non-turf settings a systemic, non-selective herbicide will be effective.

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