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Pest Information

Blanket Crabgrass

Blanket Crabgrass

  • Latin Name: Digitaria Serotina
  • Common Name: Blanket Crabgrass
  • Other Names: Rabbit crabgrass, dwarf crabgrass

Pest Details

Blanket Crabgrass
Blanket Crabgrass


Native to North America, and found in the U.S. along the eastern states south throughout Florida, and west to Texas.


A mat-forming annual or short-lived perennial if growing in warm climates. Propagation is from seeds, but plants easily spread by stolons that root at their nodes. Plants favor moist soils, and may be a problem in turf or landscape, as well as in pastures and disturbed sites.


Mature plants remain prostrate with stems running along the soil or on turf, with flower stems erect. The leaf blades are very short, generally no more than an inch long, and crowded on the stems, with nodes close together and frequent rooting. A conspicuous membranous ligule is at the leaf base. The leaf sheath and the blades are noticeably hairy. Flower stems are short and upright, terminating in the umbrella-like head with radiating spikelets.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Control with a pre-emergent is advised where parent plants die back in the winter. Post-emergence control may be possible with a grass herbicide, on turf types that tolerate them.

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