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Pest Information

Hemp Dogbane

Hemp Dogbane

  • Latin Name: Apocynum Cannabinum
  • Common Name: Hemp Dogbane
  • Other Names: Common dogbane, Indian hemp

Pest Details

Hemp Dogbane
Hemp Dogbane
Hemp Dogbane
Hemp Dogbane


Native to the United States and occurring throughout the country.


This is a perennial broadleaf that reproduces by either seeds or rhizomes. It is a problem in many situations, along roadsides, waste areas, and other non-cultivated soils. These plants are poisonous when eaten by livestock.


Mature plants may be up to 6 feet tall, with many long branches that are opposite on the main stem. Stems often are red, and when cut will exude a white milky sap. Leaves may be opposite or whorled, and occur on long petioles. They are dark green and have a soft feel to them. Flowers are small, white to greenish, and grow as clusters of flowers on long stems at the ends of the branched stems. The fruiting structure is a long, thin pod, that may be 5 inches long and hangs downward. They turn reddish brown as they mature.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Consideration must be given to the ability of dogbane to reproduce from rhizomes. Physical removal is difficult. Seeds are spread long distances by wind, as they form silky strands to help keep them aloft.

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