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Pest Information

Star-rush Whitetop

Star-rush Whitetop

  • Latin Name: Rhynchospora Colorata
  • Common Name: Star-rush Whitetop
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Star-rush Whitetop
Star-rush Whitetop
Star-rush Whitetop


Native to the Unites States, and found throughout the southeast from Texas to Florida and north to Virginia, as well as in Puerto Rico.


This is a perennial plant found in moist habitats of roadsides and meadows, as well as disturbed sites. Propagation is from seeds or rhizomes.


Mature plants may grow to 3 feet in height, often in large clumps due to the spreading by rhizomes. Leaves are long and thin, and up to ½ inch wide, arising from the base of the plant and along the lower stems. The flowering spike occurs at the end of the long stem as a flower-like florescence, with several long, white, pointed bracts that strongly resemble a lily-like flower. These bracts are tipped with green.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

There usually is no need to control this native wildflower.

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