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Pest Information



  • Latin Name: Stachys Stricta
  • Common Name: Hedge-nettle
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details



Native to California, and found widely in the northern half of the state in cool, wet, creekside habitats.


A perennial plant that reproduces from seeds. This is a common plant to find in the sandy banks of shaded creek environments or in wet meadows. It is not normally a noxious weed, but may grow in patches thick enough to impede the flow of water.


Plants are erect on thick, stiff stems to 4 feet in height. Stems and leaves are heavily clothed in long, soft hairs. The leaves are lanceolate, with the lower leaves on short stalks and the upper leaves without stalks. The flowers occur in whorls of clusters around the upper stems. They are white to pinkish with purple spots on the petals. The shape is irregular, with the petals fused together at their bases to form a cuplike structure, with the lower surfaces much longer than the upper.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Not generally needing control.

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