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Pest Information

Grassy Arrowhead

Grassy Arrowhead

  • Latin Name: Sagittaria Graminea
  • Common Name: Grassy Arrowhead
  • Other Names: Chinese arrowhead, Chapmanā€™s arrowhead, grass-leaf arrowhead

Pest Details

Grassy Arrowhead
Grassy Arrowhead


Native to the eastern half of the United States, and present in nearly every state in the eastern half of the country, west to South Dakota and New Mexico, as well as in Washington state. At least 4 varieties of this plant exist.


A aquatic perennial that reproduces from seeds, but spreads by its rhizomes to form thick stands of the plant, crowding out other plants in the aquatic environment.


This species of Sagittaria has fairly narrow, more elongate leaves than some other varieties. The lower part of the plant remains immersed with the roots in the soil below, while thick stems above ground terminate with the elongate leaves that may be over 1 foot in length. The flowers are typical of Sagittaria species, as broad, white flowers with 3 petals and a button of reproductive parts in the center, growing on a long stalk that rises above the plant.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A systemic herbicide registered for use over water will be needed to control this plant where it is growing in an undesirable location. Physical removal of the dead plant material will still be necessary to open a channel of water to allow it to flow properly.

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