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Pest Information

Black Willow

Black Willow

  • Latin Name: Salix Nigra
  • Common Name: Black Willow
  • Other Names: Goodding's willow

Pest Details

Black Willow
Black Willow


Native to North America, and in the United States found from Texas north to Nebraska and Minnesota, and in all states east of this. It also is found in Canada and south into Mexico.


A perennial tree or bushy shrub that reproduces from seeds. Plants easily establish themselves in wet habitats, including landscape, parking lots, and other disturbed habitats, and can sprout from nodes on the roots. These can be important plants in native riparian habitats, but become problems as they grow in landscape or in irrigation and drainage ditches.


Plants can grow to trees over 20 feet tall or stay bushy and shrub-like in some habitats. Stems are woody, and plants are deciduous in the winter. Leaves are very long and narrow, with short stalks and serrated margins. Leaves are alternate along the stems. Flowers are on catkins that arise at the ends of short stems, and consist of a long cluster of small flowers.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A systemic herbicide will effectively kill the entire plant, with physical removal necessary if plants are blocking water flows. Stumps will need to be treated with a registered herbicide, and followup treatments may be needed for new sprouts that emerge.

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