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Pest Information

Hyssop Loosestrife

Hyssop Loosestrife

  • Latin Name: Lythrum Hyssopifolium
  • Common Name: Hyssop Loosestrife
  • Other Names: Hyssop lythrum, grass poly

Pest Details

Hyssop Loosestrife
Hyssop Loosestrife
Hyssop Loosestrife


Native to Europe.


An annual or short-lived perennial broadleaf weed. It grows in most soil conditions on roadsides, ditch banks, waste areas, or crops. Plants may survive mild winters to continue growth a second year. Seeds germinate in early spring and plants mature in late summer.


Mature plants may be erect when growing amongst competitive vegetation, or prostrate and spreading when growing in an open area. Stems are somewhat square, and may grow to 24 inches long. Stems are dark red to almost a purple color, and this color becomes even more noticeable in plants that over-winter, when the leaves also attain a purple caste. Leaves are narrow, pointed, to just over 1 inch long, and somewhat fleshy. They attach to the stem with no stalk and are alternating along the stem. Flowers are small and white to pale purple, and they arise from the axil at the base of the leaf. Flowers have 5 to 7 petals.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

An annual that may survive mild winters.

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