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Pest Information

Orange Hawkweed

Orange Hawkweed

  • Latin Name: Hieracium Aurantiacum
  • Common Name: Orange Hawkweed
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Orange Hawkweed
Orange Hawkweed
Orange Hawkweed


Native to Europe, but introduced to North America, where it now can be found throughout the northern half of the United States and southern Canada, and south into California, Arkansas, and Florida.


A perennial weed that reproduces from seeds, and spreads with stolons and rhizomes. A very common roadside weed, found in disturbed areas, meadows and pastures, turfgrass areas, and tolerant of dry, gravelly soils.


Very similar to the related Yellow Hawkweed, the principle difference being the flower color. Mature plants have a basal rosette of leaves that are conspicuously covered with long, soft hairs. A few smaller leaves form along the erect flower stalk. Leaves are lanceolate, covered with hairs on both surfaces, and with a much lighter colored mid-vein. Margins are wavy of slightly dentate. The flowers occur in clusters of many flower heads at the top of the long, erect stalk. The stalk is coarsely hairy as well. Flowers are composed of numerous bright orange, daisy-like ray flowers and yellow-orange disc flowers.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Where control is needed a systemic herbicide will be necessary due to the persistent underground rhizomes and roots. Seeds are carried long distances by the wind, and adjacent areas are likely to become infested if seeds germinate.

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