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Pest Information

Roughseed Bulrush

Roughseed Bulrush

  • Latin Name: Scirpus Mucronatus
  • Common Name: Roughseed Bulrush
  • Other Names: Ricefield bulrush

Pest Details

Roughseed Bulrush
Roughseed Bulrush
Roughseed Bulrush


Native to Eurasia, but accidentally introduced to the rice-growing regions of California, and now a widespread weed in marshy habitats in California.


A perennial reproducing from seeds and propagating by long rhizomes. It is a problem along drainage and irrigation canals.


Mature plants are as tall as 3 feet, with thick stems that are sharply triangular in cross-section. Stems are leafless, but at their base is a short sheath that ends in a flattened point. Flower heads form at the end of the stem, along with a pointed, leaf-like structure that comes off the stem at a sharp angle. Flower heads are open clusters of several spikelets, each on a short stalk or no stalk. Spikelets are elongate and pointed.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Aggressively growing perennials that are found in marshy or aquatic habitats. Growth is from thick, strong rhizomes, making physical removal unlikely to be successful.

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