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Pest Information

Common Buttonbush

Common Buttonbush

  • Latin Name: Cephalanthus Occidentalis
  • Common Name: Common Buttonbush
  • Other Names: Button bush

Pest Details

Common Buttonbush
Common Buttonbush
Common Buttonbush


Native to North America, and found throughout the eastern half of the country as well as in Arizona and California.


A perennial shrub or shrubby tree that grows most commonly in very wet soils. It is deciduous in cooler climates. Propagation is from seeds, as well as possibly from sections of stems or cuttings.


This large shrub is a perennial with woody trunks and stems, growing in an upright but spreading fashion. The large leaves are shiny and smooth, lance-shaped with slightly wavy margins, and with lighter colored veins. The leaves attach to the stems on short stalks. The flowers are a showy cluster of white flowers in a large round ball, growing at the end of a very long stalk that arises from the leaf axils. The stamens protrude well out from the flowers to give the overall cluster a starburst appearance.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A non-selective, systemic herbicide will effectively kill these trees where they are a problem, such as in canals or ditches where they impede water flow. Physical removal also may be effective, and will be needed even when they are killed chemically.

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