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Pest Information

Pink Purslane

Pink Purslane

  • Latin Name: Portulaca Pilosa
  • Common Name: Pink Purslane
  • Other Names: Kiss-me-quick

Pest Details

Pink Purslane
Pink Purslane
Pink Purslane


Native to Florida, but found north to New Jersey and as far west as Nevada. May be used as an ornamental groundcover.


An annual plant that normally grows as a prostrate, spreading form, but can grow as high as 8 inches. Plants are tolerant of dry, sandy habitats. Flowering begins in the spring and continues throughout the summer.


The leaves of this plant are fleshy and succulent, usually less than 1 inch long and very narrow. They are alternate and close together along the stems. The small but showy flowers are bright pink and about ½” across, with 5 distinct petals.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Generally not a particularly invasive plant, but if found where it is not wanted it can be easily removed by hand.

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