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Pest Information

Eisen Water Hyssop

Eisen Water Hyssop

  • Latin Name: Bacopa Eisenii
  • Common Name: Eisen Water Hyssop
  • Other Names: Bacopa, waterhyssop, western hydraulthele

Pest Details

Eisen Water Hyssop
Eisen Water Hyssop


Native to the United States.


An annual broadleaf weed. Aquatic, and a pest in cultivated fields of rice, as well as shallow irrigation and drainage ditches, roadside ditches, shallow ponds and reservoirs. Plants will die if the water is drained and the soil dries. In warm humid conditions it is capable of growing for well over a year. Mature plant is trailing, with fleshy stems that develop roots at the nodes. Stems are branched and may grow to 20 inches long. Reproduction is by seeds that germinate in the spring when standing water is present. Flowering continues from early to late summer.


Leaves are opposite each other on the stem, and float on the water surface in young plants. Leaves are less than 1 inch across and are circular in shape. They attach to the stem without a stalk. Veins on the leaf radiate out from a common point at the base. Flowers are small, white with 5 petals, and may grow on thin stalks arising from the base of the leaves. The center of the flower is yellow.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Standing water is necessary for growth. Drying of the soil kills the plant.

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