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Pest Information

California Loosestrife

California Loosestrife

  • Latin Name: Lythrum Californicum
  • Common Name: California Loosestrife
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

California Loosestrife
California Loosestrife


Native to the western United States, where it occurs along the southern half from California east to Texas and Kansas.


A perennial plant somewhat similar to Purple Loosestrife, but generally without the invasive qualities. It normally does not present a noxious weed problem, but inhabits wetland habitats and possibly irrigated landscapes where it may be used as a desirable plant. Reproduction is mainly from seeds.


Mature plants can have stems up to 5 feet in length, usually as erect plants but often sprawling due to the weight of the abundant flowers and the thin stems. Stems are smooth and without hairs. Leaves are long and narrow and produced very close to the stem. Flowers occur at the ends of the stems, and new flowers continue to be produced as the lower flowers mature. There are 6 pink to violet petals above the narrowed base.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Generally not needing control. Hand removal is effective is necessary.

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