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Pest Information

Hemp Sesbania

Hemp Sesbania

  • Latin Name: Sesbania Exaltata
  • Common Name: Hemp Sesbania
  • Other Names: Dangle-pod, big-pod sesbania

Pest Details

Hemp Sesbania
Hemp Sesbania
Hemp Sesbania


A native plant found commonly throughout the southeast states from Florida to New York, west to Texas, and in California and Arizona.


An annual that grows very tall and upright, possibly to a height of 10 feet. Reproduction is from seeds. Preferred habitat is moist soils, and plants can be found along roadsides and in disturbed lots, in pastures or in fields.


Stems are slightly hairy and with a waxy feel. Leaves are alternate and compound, with from 20 to 70 leaflets on each leaf, which may be 12 inches long. The large yellow flowers occur singly or in pairs at the leaf axils, leading to a large, flat seed pod. This becomes more “papery” as it matures.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal of plants where not wanted is effective. A non-selective herbicide will control the plant in non-turf sites.

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