Pest Information

Tree Tobacco

Tree Tobacco

  • Latin Name: Nicotiana Glauca
  • Common Name: Tree Tobacco
  • Other Names: Mexican tobacco

Pest Details

Tree Tobacco
Tree Tobacco
Tree Tobacco


Native to South America, but now widespread in the southwest states. Tolerant of dry conditions, but also found along ditch banks and streams, roadsides, and in cultivated crops.


A woody, perennial shrub or small tree, growing to over 25 feet in height and extensively branching and bushy. Propagation is by seed. Plants are generally unpalatable to livestock, but may be poisonous if they are eaten.


Shrub to tree-like, with woody stems. Normal height is around 12 feet, with loosely branching stems and an open appearance. Leaves are alternate on the stems, a bluish-green color, and thick and leathery. They are smooth and egg-shaped, with generally smooth margins and up to 6 inches long, on stalks up to 2 inches long. When the leaves are rubbed a whitish powder is removed. Flowers occur in small clusters at the ends of leafless stalks, and are tube shaped, about 1.5 inches long, and yellow. The tube opens to a 5-petaled flower that is still quite narrow.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A perennial, woody shrub.

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