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Pest Information

Brazil Pusley

Brazil Pusley

  • Latin Name: Richardia Brasiliensis
  • Common Name: Brazil Pusley
  • Other Names: Tropical Mexican clover

Pest Details

Brazil Pusley
Brazil Pusley


Native to South America, and now found from Texas along the Gulf Coast and north to Virginia, as well as in Hawaii and Asia.


This is a perennial weed with reproduction from both seeds and roots. The root of this species is thickened and woody in texture, a feature that separates it from the similar Florida pusley. It may be found in most habitats, including turf, roadsides, and waste areas. It flowers throughout the warm months of the year.


Mature plants tend to remain low to the ground, with wandering, prostrate stems. The stems originate from a central point with numerous branches. Leaves and stems are both quite hairy. Leaves are oval and pointed and have hair-like projections on top. Flowers occur in tight clusters of 3 or more flowers, growing from the tips of the stems. They have tiny white petals that are joined at their bases.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

The ability to grow from a severed rootstock makes hand removal ineffective. In turf a selective broadleaf herbicide is needed or a non-selective systemic herbicide for bare ground areas.

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