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Pest Information

Birdseye Pearlwort

Birdseye Pearlwort

  • Latin Name: Sagina Procumbens
  • Common Name: Birdseye Pearlwort
  • Other Names: Birdseye, procumbent pearlwort

Pest Details

Birdseye Pearlwort
Birdseye Pearlwort


Native to Eurasia, but now found throughout the United States and southern Canada, particularly in the cooler climates.


A perennial broadleaf plant, with tiny, thin leaves and short erect stems. It forms dense mats and resembles moss, and will tolerate the close mowing on golf course greens. It is attractive enough that it may be used in ornamental rock gardens or between paving stones in walkways. Primary reproduction is from seeds, but stolons will root at their nodes, and the plants spread in this manner as well, including segments of stolon moved to other areas. Seeds germinate in very early spring or in cool fall weather.


Plants may form mats over a foot across, with short, erect stems that stay very short. Stems and leaves are smooth, and the leaves may assume a whorled appearance as they arise from leaf axils on very short stems. Leaves are thin, pointed, and only around ½ inch long. Flowers occur in mid- to late spring and through summer into fall. The flowers are tiny, green, and are on long pedicels that rise above the plant. Petals are white.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A perennial that can grow from broken segments of stolons.

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