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Pest Information

Swamp Morningglory

Swamp Morningglory

  • Latin Name: Ipomoea Aquatica
  • Common Name: Swamp Morningglory
  • Other Names: Creeping swamp morning-glory

Pest Details

Swamp Morningglory
Swamp Morningglory


Native to tropical Africa and southern Asia, and an introduced weed in the United States in Florida and Hawaii.


A perennial weed that grows as a vine, along the soil or onto other vegetation, with reproduction from seeds. Where the plants grow along the soil they will form roots at the nodes on the stems, and stems have the ability to grow on the surface of still water habitats. Plants may be found in waste areas and swampy sites, and may even be cultivated for its food value.


Foliage generally is dense, with dark green, heart-shaped leaves about 1.5 inches wide and with pointed tips. The leaves are on a long stalk about 3 inches long. Flowers also occur on 3 inch long stalks that arise from the leaf axils, and are solitary, funnel-shaped, and with white petals. The leaf and flower stalks and the stems are smooth to slightly hairy.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal of individual plants will effectively control that plant. A contact or systemic herbicide also will be effective for larger infestations.

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