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Pest Information

Annual Sedge

Annual Sedge

  • Latin Name: Cyperus Compressus
  • Common Name: Annual Sedge
  • Other Names: Water sedge, poorland flatsedge

Pest Details

Annual Sedge
Annual Sedge
Annual Sedge


A native of North America, and found throughout most of the eastern United States and as far west as New Mexico, as well as in Hawaii, Mexico, and the West Indies.


A summer annual weed that reproduces by seeds. It is a common weed in moist, disturbed sites, especially in sandy soils, and it thrives in turf, where it adapts well to mowing, even on golf greens.


Plants are small, with 1 or more slender stems that terminate with the flowers, and with several long, slender leaves arising from the base as well as a few leaves protruding laterally from the top of the stem, below the flower clusters. The flowers are clusters of flat spikes that are on short to long stalks. The spikes are green and up to about 1 inch long.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Control of excessive moisture in turf will help to discourage the growth of most sedges, including the various Kyllinga species. For sedges that reproduce only from seeds control with pre-emergent herbicides can be effective. Post-emergence control in turf will require a selective herbicide which targets the sedges specifically. In non-turf settings a systemic, non-selective herbicide will be effective.

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