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Pest Information

California Brome

California Brome

  • Latin Name: Bromus Carinatus
  • Common Name: California Brome
  • Other Names: Mountain brome, Californian brome

Pest Details

California Brome
California Brome


Native to the western United States, where it is found along the Pacific Coast states from Washington to California.


Normally a perennial grass, although it sometimes behaves as an annual or biennial. Reproduction is from seeds that germinate in the fall, with seedlings and young plants over-wintering. It is a palatable forage grass throughout its life cycle, but also is a common weed along roadsides, in croplands or in disturbed sites.


Mature plants grow over 3 feet tall with a clumping habit. The numerous stems are erect or drooping, with the flower heads at their ends. Leaves are up to 12 inches long and ½ inch wide, and both surfaces are hairy to rough feeling. The variable flower head can also be up to 12 inches long, generally with many short, drooping branches and an open appearance. Individual spikelets are up to an inch long and are wide and noticeably flattened and long awns.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Pre-emergent control is effective when the product is applied prior to seed germination. Post-emergent control can be effective with a contact or systemic herbicide.

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