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Pest Information

Batchelor's Button

Batchelor's Button

  • Latin Name: Polygala Sp.
  • Common Name: Batchelor's Button
  • Other Names: Milkwort

Pest Details

Batchelor's Button
Batchelor's Button
Batchelor's Button


A native plant in Florida.


This spring wildflower is common along roadsides in the spring. It is an annual plant that reproduces from seeds.


There are many species of Polygala, and several similar varieties referred to as Batchelor’s buttons. The distinctive feature is the compact, round to oval flower head with bright yellow flowers in a tight cluster. This occurs at the end of a long stem, and many of these inch-long flower heads may stand erect from a single plant. The light green leaves vary in shape from elongate and narrow to more oval or spade-shaped.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

No control measures generally are needed for this wildflower.

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