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Pest Information

Tiny Bluet

Tiny Bluet

  • Latin Name: Houstonia Pusilla
  • Common Name: Tiny Bluet
  • Other Names: Star violet

Pest Details

Tiny Bluet
Tiny Bluet
Tiny Bluet


Native to North America, and found widely in nearly all states east of the Rocky Mountains with the exception of the extreme northern tier.


An annual plant closely associated with damp habitats. Reproduction is from seeds.


Small plants that grow to around 6 inches in height, with several thin stalks or branches arising from the base. Leaves are opposite and spaced widely apart along the stem, with the long, thin flower stalks arising from the leaf axil. The flower is a single flower at the end of each stalk, purple blue in color, and with 4 lobes that spread sharply at right angles to the stem. The petals are elongate oval and pointed at the tip, and the flower is about ΒΌ inch across.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Generally considered a desirable wildflower that does not need control. May be a wetlands indicator, and wide stands of the plants create an overall blue appearance to meadows.

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