Pest Information

Palmer Pigweed

Palmer Pigweed

  • Latin Name: Amaranthus Palmeri
  • Common Name: Palmer Pigweed
  • Other Names: Careless weed

Pest Details

Palmer Pigweed
Palmer Pigweed


Native to the western Unites States, where it occurs widely throughout the western half of the country in the milder climates, and south into Mexico.


An annual weed reproducing by seeds. It may hybridize with other pigweed species, including redroot pigweed, and is one of the more aggressive varieties of this family.


Mature plants grow over 6 feet tall, with a single thick, central stem and numerous branches off of this stem. Stems are green with a violet striping on them, or commonly with the stems of side branches entirely violet-red. Leaves are alternate and lance-shaped to oval, and grow as long as 8 inches. They are hairless, but have prominent white veins on their lower surface. Flowers are borne in very long spikes that are leafless, arising from the ends of the stems. The spike arising from the central stem can be 1.5 feet long, while side stems produce shorter flower spikes. Flowers are green and inconspicuous

Characteristicts Important to Control:

An aggressive annual propagating from seeds, and tolerant of a wide range of soil types and conditions.

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