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Pest Information

Bush Bean

Bush Bean

  • Latin Name: Macroptilium Sp.
  • Common Name: Bush Bean
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Bush Bean
Bush Bean
Bush Bean


A native plant in the United States, and found in the extreme southeast states.


Plants may be an annual or perennial, reproducing from seeds. Found along roadsides and is disturbed sites.


Plants are medium sized but with a prominent flower stalk, usually with only one or two flowers open at any time. Stems are smooth and rigid, with plants growing upright. The leaves are compound on a long stalk, each leaf divided into 3 round to oval leaflets. These are dark green and hairless, and the middle leaflet is on an elongated stalk. The large, irregular flowers are a bright reddish-pink, and occur along the tall flower stem.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Hand removal is effective. Usually not an invasive weed problem.

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