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Pest Information

Boccones Sandspurry

Boccones Sandspurry

  • Latin Name: Spergularia Bocconii
  • Common Name: Boccones Sandspurry
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Boccones Sandspurry
Boccones Sandspurry
Boccones Sandspurry
Boccones Sandspurry


Native to Europe and now found widely along the Pacific Coast states.


An annual weed that grows from seeds, and may be found along roadsides, ditch banks, or in landscaped areas or areas of thin turf. It is a particular nuisance in saline soils.


This is a very low-growing, spreading plant that is extensively branched from the base. It eventually forms mats that may be up to a foot in diameter and laying close to the ground. When flowering the plant may be covered with soft, sticky hairs. Leaves are opposite, but tend to cluster very close together at the nodes along the stem, giving it almost the appearance of a whorl of leaves at that point. Leaves are very narrow, about 1 inch long, and round in cross section. Flowers occur in small clusters and at the end of a short stalk. The petals are white or pink, with 5 open petals and prominent yellow stamens at their center.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Somewhat tolerant of dry soils, but able to grow in many habitats.

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