Pest Information

Sacred Thornapple

Sacred Thornapple

  • Latin Name: Datura Wrightii
  • Common Name: Sacred Thornapple
  • Other Names: Indian apple, thornapple, Moon lily, tolgaucha, hairy thornapple, sacred datura

Pest Details

Sacred Thornapple
Sacred Thornapple
Sacred Thornapple
Sacred Thornapple


Native to the western United States.


A perennial shrub-like weed that grows to 3 feet tall. It has a strong, fleshy taproot and numerous spreading branches that create a wide plant. Plants are toxic and hallucinogenic, with seeds and young leaves being the most toxic.


Mature plants may be 3 feet tall and just as wide or wider, due to the spreading branches. Stems and leaves are covered with fine gray hairs, and when crushed they give off a foul odor. Leaves are alternate and egg-shaped, with a pointed tip and wavy margins. Their color is a dark grayish green. Flowers are very large, funnel shaped, and up to 10 inches long. When opened they may be 6 inches across, with 5 white petals that are tightly joined, but with thin, pointed tips. The seed pod is round and densely covered with long spines that may be ½ inch long.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Perennial weeds that thrive in dry, sandy soils. Individual plants may be physically removed, particularly effective if done prior to seed maturation.

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