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Pest Information

Perez's Sealavender

Perez's Sealavender

  • Latin Name: Limonium Perezii
  • Common Name: Perez's Sealavender
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Perez's Sealavender


Native to the Canary Islands, but introduced to North America as a landscape plant. It is found primarily in California.


A perennial that reproduces from seeds, and a common landscape plant. It escapes easily to become established along roadsides and in disturbed sites and waste lots, and its large size may cause it to be undesirable in some locations.


Mature plants are up to 2 feet tall and sprawling or spreading, with stems woody at the base and the large, oval to spade-shaped leaves forming a thick cluster at the base. The leaves are on very long stalks that may be longer than the 6 inch long leaves. The violet to blue flowers form as large, dense clusters at the end of long stalks that protrude above the rest of the plant.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Control generally is not necessary for these desirable plants, but they may be physically removed when needed, or killed with a systemic, non-selective herbicide.

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