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Pest Information

Hardstem Bulrush

Hardstem Bulrush

  • Latin Name: Scirpus Acutus
  • Common Name: Hardstem Bulrush
  • Other Names: Bulrush, bull tule, viscid bulrush, tule, common tule.

Pest Details

Hardstem Bulrush


Native to North America, and found from west to east coasts and throughout southern Canada.


This is a perennial that is aquatic to semi-aquatic, found in marshes, poorly drained areas, and along river and pond banks. It also is a problem in rice fields. Reproduction is by seeds, but plants propagate rapidly by its thick, brown rhizomes. Growth is rapid and the plants can quickly create drainage and water flow problems.


Mature plants are easily some of the tallest sedges, with stems reaching up to 15 feet in height. Stems are thick, pithy, and round, which separates them from the stems of cat-tails which are flattened. There are no leaves, although at the base of each stem there is a leaf-like sheath about 3 inches long and enclosing the base of the stem. Stems terminate with a flower cluster and a single leaf-like blade. Flower heads have several stalks, and on these are loose clusters of spikelets, each spikelet about ½ inch long.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Aggressively growing perennials that are found in marshy or aquatic habitats. Growth is from thick, strong rhizomes, making physical removal unlikely to be successful.

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