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Pest Information

Everlasting Peavine

Everlasting Peavine

  • Latin Name: Lathyrus Latifolius
  • Common Name: Everlasting Peavine
  • Other Names: Perennial peavine

Pest Details

Everlasting Peavine


Native to Europe and introduced as a garden vine. Commonly escapes to become a roadside nuisance.


A perennial vine that reproduces from seed. It is weakly stemmed but has a strong climbing habit with well developed tendrils. Stems may grow over 7 feet long


Mature plants grow vine-like along roadsides or onto and into other vegetation. Stems are wide and hollow, and have distinct flattened “wings” along their sides. Leaves are divided into several long, pointed leaflets, with stipules below them on the petiole. Flowers are bright pink and in long, open clusters of up to 15 flowers. Each flower is large, being about 1 inch long. Colors sometimes may be white to red.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A perennial, climbing vine.

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