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Pest Information

Four-leaved Polycarp

Four-leaved Polycarp

  • Latin Name: Polycarpon Tetraphyllum
  • Common Name: Four-leaved Polycarp
  • Other Names: Four-leaved allseed, fourleaf manyseed

Pest Details

Four-leaved Polycarp
Four-leaved Polycarp
Four-leaved Polycarp


Introduced into the United States from Europe, and found in Texas, California, Oregon, the southeast states and in Pennsylvania, as well as in Hawaii.


In cooler climates this is an annual or biennial weed, while in warmer states it may survive as a short lived perennial. Plants can be found in disturbed sites, landscaped settings, along roadsides, and shady waste areas. Reproduction is from seeds.


Mature plants may grow as high as 8 inches, but the overall growth habit is low and sprawling, with numerous weak stems growing outward from the base. Leaves are small, oval, with pointed tips, and are opposite, although the large stipules associated with the base of the leaf makes it look like a whorl of 4 leaves. Flowers occur in compact clusters of a dozen or so flower heads at the ends of the stems. They are tiny, inconspicuous, and greenish or pinkish white in color.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal from landscape settings can be done prior to maturation of seeds. A contact or systemic herbicide will effectively kill the plants.

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