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Pest Information

Bushy Bluestem

Bushy Bluestem

  • Latin Name: Andropogon Glomeratus
  • Common Name: Bushy Bluestem
  • Other Names: Bushy broomgrass, bushy beardgrass

Pest Details

Bushy Bluestem
Bushy Bluestem
Bushy Bluestem


Native to North America along the east coast, and now naturalized in California and Hawaii, as well as Japan and Australia and in the West Indies, Central America and into northern South America.


A perennial weed reproducing by seeds and short rhizomes. Mature plants tend to form thick clumps with stems and flower heads up to 6 feet tall. One of more than a dozen species of “bluestem” in the southeast. May be found in many habitats, from dry open fields to wet drainage ditches and roadsides.


Mature plants are up to 6 feet tall with several strong, erect stems clumped together. Early growth is a bluish green, changing to straw-colored upon maturity. Leaf sheaths are flattened and a short ligule is present. Flower heads are composed of many side branches off the main stem, and individual flowers are elongate and with long, silky hairs, giving them a very full appearance.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A combination of pre and post-emergent herbicides may be needed, with a systemic possible to kill the rhizomes in the soil.

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