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Pest Information

Umbrella Sedge

Umbrella Sedge

  • Latin Name: Cyperus Alternifolius
  • Common Name: Umbrella Sedge
  • Other Names: Umbrella Plant

Pest Details

Umbrella Sedge
Umbrella Sedge


A native of Africa, and introduced and used commonly as a landscape planting. Not a particular weed problem, but it has escaped cultivation and will be found along some roadsides or waste areas.


A perennial with thick, cord-like roots and short rhizomes. Not an aggressively spreading plant, so it can be kept under control in a landscape setting.


Mature plants may be over 6 feet tall, with stout stems growing from the base. Stems are circular in cross section and at their ends they have open clusters of flowers. Below the flower clusters there are many long, broad, drooping leaves arranged in an umbrella-like fashion. Flower heads are on long stalks, and are divided into numerous short spikelets with long, thin, flowers.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Control is not generally needed. Usually found as an ornamental.

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