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Pest Information

Slender Sandbur

Slender Sandbur

  • Latin Name: Cenchrus Gracillimus
  • Common Name: Slender Sandbur
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Slender Sandbur
Slender Sandbur


Native to North America, and found in the extreme southeast states and in Puerto Rico.


Similar to other sandburs this is an annual grass with seed heads composed of a stalk of large, spiny, easily detached burs. Plants are highly tolerant of dry conditions, and may be found in waste lots, roadsides, or any open sandy habitat. Propagation is from seed.


Mature plants may be up to 1.5 feet tall, with a clumping appearance and numerous stems and leaves originating from the base, growing either erect or outward from the base. Leaves are narrow and stems and leaves are smooth. The seed head is a spike up to 2 inches long, with many burs densely packed along it, each of these with many sharp spines around it.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal early in the growth period if possible, to avoid the production of the seeds. Preventive treatments with a pre-emergent herbicide, and post-emergent control with a contact or systemic herbicide.

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