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Pest Information

Tall Fimbry

Tall Fimbry

  • Latin Name: Fimbristylis Dichotoma
  • Common Name: Tall Fimbry
  • Other Names: Forked fimbry, lesser fimbristylis, tall fringe-rush, two-leaf fimbristylis

Pest Details

Tall Fimbry
Tall Fimbry
Tall Fimbry


Native to the southeastern United States, and present from Texas along the Gulf Coast states to Florida, and north to Virginia. It also has been introduced into Hawaii.


An annual in cooler climates and a perennial in warm habitats. Reproduction is from seeds, but plants spread by means of rhizomes as well.


Mature plants grow to over 18 inches in height, and may form widespread stands of the plants. Stems and leaves are very stout and thick, with the leaves v-shaped in cross section. The flowering clusters arise at the top of the stem with a few short, stout leaves laterally below them. Three or more short stalks arise from the top of the stem with the flower heads arranged alternately along them. Each flower head is flattened and pointed, and many long, twisting strands of hair surround each flower group. Flower heads are a dark brown to purplish in color.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

A systemic herbicide would be most effective in killing both foliage and rhizomes of this weed.

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