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Pest Information

Tall Buttercup

Tall Buttercup

  • Latin Name: Ranunculus Acris
  • Common Name: Tall Buttercup
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Tall Buttercup
Tall Buttercup
Tall Buttercup
Tall Buttercup


Introduced from Europe and now established throughout much of North America, where it is a common spring wildflower in meadows and along roadsides.


A perennial plant emerging in the winter and flowering in early spring. Foliage and stems are poisonous and may be toxic to livestock or wildlife, although they often are avoided as a food.


Mature plants are tall and spindly with only a few leaves, most of them arising from the base. Stems terminate in the bright yellow flowers, and may be 3 feet tall on long, thin stems. Stems and leaves are hairy, and stems branch frequently along their length. Leaves are large and have 3 to 5 deeply cut lobes which themselves are deeply serrated or lobed. Upper leaves are much smaller and reduced to elongated segments. Flowers are yellow, less than 1 inch in diameter.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Perennials that emerge very early in the spring. Common in moist meadows or roadsides.

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